my reel.

These are some of my favorite shots from over the years. I love cinematography, and I'm always exploring new techniques to create a unique emotional experience for each project.

my services.



I handle productions large and small, from a single day in-studio to multiple days on location. Every project takes on a different mood, and shooting methods play into that mood. I help you to decide what shooting methods work best for your project: handheld, stabilized, aerial drone, etc. I provide all cinema gear on location. Contact me for cinema kit details.



There are many different ways a story can be edited. Whether it’s a 30-second spot, a 10-minute industrial or a feature-length film, I will work closely with you to turn that footage into a final project. I can work with any footage you may have, from 8mm film to VHS footage and all the way up to 6K RAW.



Color can shift the mood of a piece. I have colored everything from feature-length films to small commercial spots. We can work together to find the tones that work best for your project. I can work with any footage you may have, from 8mm film to VHS footage and all the way up to 6K RAW.



Aside from high-quality video production, I offer high-quality still photography. Applying the same theories of mood and color from my cinema work, I capture lifestyle, product, documentary, and architecture stills.

my work.

my process.



This is the beginning stage of the process where I create a detailed outline of your story and develop a visual concept. This includes mapping out the necessary equipment, shooting days, and editing days.



Now I capture all the pieces we need to build the story mapped out during pre-production. I make sure the day goes smoothly by having an agenda and communicating everything well in advance.



After capturing the shots, I comb through the footage and begin editing. I work with each client on a timeline that fits their specific deadlines and needs. I share the final deliverables via Google Drive or Dropbox.

New York based cinematographer & photographer working on projects ranging from music videos to commercials, films, and much more.

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