I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. When I was young, I never thought about creating images or cameras. I was 16 when I picked up my first camera. A friend and I decided we wanted to start filming comedy skits. We quickly began filming any idea we could possibly come up with. No one was going to stop us from filming what we wanted to film. Our ideas were not always the greatest or funniest, but this gave me my introduction to the world of creating images. I loved it, and I wanted to learn as much as I could. As we filmed more and more, I upgraded my gear, and we executed more complicated ideas. I learned the ideas of framing scenes and choosing what the audience needs to see. I fine-tuned my editing skills and learned more about portraying feelings and emotion.

Eager to get into the narrative film world, I started to shoot music videos. Music has always been essential in my life, and I believe that holds true for most people. Music and sound can drive our mood and thoughts. I’ve always developed visuals in my head to some of my favorite songs. Music videos are great because they are films in themselves. They hold similar emotions and can drive the audience’s feelings in various directions. I’ve learned that concept can apply to any project or brand. Whether it’s a coffee company or a real estate listing, I focus on trying to give the audience a special feeling that allows them to understand your brand.

DOB: 06/23/1989.

Metal, Post-Rock, Indie

Based in: Queens, NY

New York based cinematographer & photographer working on projects ranging from music videos to commercials, films, and much more.

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